The library will is open from 9:30-5:30. Maximum of 12 patrons at once, first come first served. Curbside service will be available daily from 9:30-5:30. Call or text 970-729-8129. Get more info at our website   

La biblioteca está abierta. El horario de la biblioteca para recibir 12 usuarios por orden de llegada será 9:30AM a 5:30PM. El servicio de recogida en la acera estará disponible a diario entre las horas 9:30 a.m. y 5:30 p.m. Contáctenos por llamado o texto al 970-729-8129. Para más información, visite nuestra página de web

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Voice Recording
A KOTO Radio show, from Telluride, Colorado, that took place on January 1, 1988, called the Nurse Bowl Parade with Buddy White and Eileen Dover. The description on the reel-to-reel states: Turn your T.V. to the Nurse Bowl Parade, turn down the sound, turn up KOTO with Buddy & Eileen as they bring you enhanced color commentary and general craziness from a local perspective. Buck Lowe was the producer. The first 8 minutes is music and then Eileen...